CNC Milling with 3 and 5 axis

CNC Machining Service 3 (and 5 Axes )

Thanks to our modern CNC machine tools, we are able to produce precision parts that adapt to the needs of different projects. Depending on the needs, our 3 and 5 axis Machining Centers allow us to obtain drawing details with complex shapes. The advantage of Milling is in the vast amount of materials that can be machined.

What is CNC Milling?

Milling is a material manufacturing process that involves the removal of chips. Chip removal occurs by movement of the cutter which rotates around its own axis on the surface of the raw piece.
CNC is short for “Computerized Numerical Control” and means numerical control is computerized, as the name suggests, CNC machining centers use computer technology to control the movement of tools and remove material from a block. There are various CNC machining techniques, such as milling or turning on a number of axes ranging from 3 to 5, allowing complex milling operations automatically, with great precision.

Difference between 3 and 5 Aces

In 3 Axis machining, the cutter moves along the X, Y and Z axes, i.e. horizontally, vertically and in depth. In this way it is possible to machine flat surfaces, for example slots or vertical holes. Often a 3-axis machining is not enough to create complex geometries. For this reason, today many machining centers are equipped with two additional axes (A and C). The two rotary axes can be integrated into the machine head or workpiece clamping system. In this way the tool can be positioned at any angle with respect to the detail.

 In simultaneous 5 Axis machining, it is possible to move all five axes at the same time. The workpiece can then be machined in one pass. 3-axis operations are also possible with 5-axis cutters, allowing for a wider range of machining. A further advantage of 5-axis milling is the possibility of machining the piece from any angle, thus reducing the times and possible errors in clamping the piece.

Workable Materials:

Plastic Materials: Methacrylate, Polycarbonate, PET00-01-02, PET-G, Polystyrene, Transparent PVC, SAN
Thermo Plastics: PTFE, Nylon, Delrin, Arnite, Polyethylene, PVC, Bakelite, Polypropylene, PEEK
Others: Wood, Aluminum

Our Machine Park:

Our fleet of machines consists of a 3-axis machining center: an old but indestructible SCM Record 130 (considered by many users, as well as by SCM itself, as one of the most successful machines ever).

At the end of June 2023, a 5 Axis Machining Center will come into operation: a brand new CMS Tracer 100 (“Grandchild” of the Record 130, updated with all the most modern technologies)