Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a semi-crystalline and thermoplastic polymer obtained by extrusion and belongs to the category of technopolymers considered to have high performance (both thermal and mechanical); in fact, its main feature is high resistance to high temperatures (up to 250 °C) and excellent dimensional stability. Its main drawback is the very high cost. Thanks to its properties, PEEK is suitable for a wide range of applications under extreme operating conditions.


It is a dielectric material and with good chemical resistance. It can be used at a constant operating temperature up to 250°C. It has very high resistance to sterilization cycles and gamma rays. It is also suitable for food contact.


PEEK has excellent workability with machine tools; it has excellent dimensional stability, incredible resistance to bending and traction, and high rigidity and hardness.


Creation of details that must withstand high temperatures such as parts of industrial ovens. Medical equipment, washers, insulators, bearings and bushings for high speed shafts, pump parts, linkages, sealing rings, gears. It is also used in the food, aviation and space industries.

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