Non-expanded polystyrene looks like a compact plastic laminate; it is a light and inexpensive material with interesting technical characteristics, which makes it suitable for various applications. With this material, sheets are produced by extrusion that are divided into two distinct families: shockproof polystyrene (white) and transparent crystal; the former are widely used in thermoforming, the latter in shower enclosures and displays.


Polystyrene is a material suitable for contact with food and complies with the European safety standard EN 71 for toys. It offers excellent impact resistance, high dimensional stability to heat, high stiffness, low water absorption and does not facilitate the spread of microorganisms. It has a low specific weight (equal to 1.04) The Transparent Sheets are characterized by a high light transmission rate: 90% transmission in the visible spectrum (400-800 nm), which makes them very transparent, they are also UV protected. It is flammable and not self-extinguishing.


Easily thermoformable material. The polystyrene slabs are easily cut with a circular saw and can be worked with a cutter. They are also very easy to fold and glue with solvents. The only difficulty lies in the lack of heat resistance which can “knead” too hot tools.


Design details obtained by thermoforming, food industry, bathroom furnishings, shower enclosures, signage, displays, screen printing, visual communication in general.

Products Range

Anti-Shock SHEETS

Impact resistant white slabs


Crystal Transparent Extruded Sheets