Ideation, Design and Production 



Our commercial technicians, collaborationing with the production, are able to offer advice in choosing the most suitable materials for the customer’s needs and in solving any technical problems of a particular application.

CAD Design:

By our CAD software we can create the drawings of the requested parts or import and exchange the most common files (DXF, DWG etc.) with customers.

CAM Programming:

From the executive drawing we go on to the CAM phase to program the machines that will have to maks the machining. The multi CAM software allows us to divide the various machining steps on multiple machines.
The Nesting Softwares (cutting optimization) allow us to make the most of the sheets to reduce costs.


CNC Processing:  

Our machinery are equipped with the most modern technologies for the processing of numerically controlled plastic materials; they range from milling to laser cutting.


With more than 20 years of experience, our production staff allows us realize at the best, those stages of production where manual skills are essential.