Environmental Policy

Ecological Sensitivity
At INDAT we have always been sensitive to environmental issues and we have always tried to minimize the environmental impact of our business. In fact, we try to minimize processing waste, where possible, to reuse them, and to avoid the use of substances harmful to the environment during the production phases. The residual processing waste is given to specialized companies for disposal.
Clean Renewable Energy
We have put into operation a large system for filtering the fumes from laser cutting in order to minimize the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Clean Renewable Energy
Thanks to the collaboration with IBIS S.r.l., which has built a 100Kw photovoltaic system on the roof of our building, we use clean and self-produced energy to power our production machinery. Through the use of storage batteries, even when the sun goes down, we can greatly improve the percentage of clean energy used. We plan to enter an energy community with other IBIS S.r.l. plants. with the aim of achieving total self-sufficiency, i.e. (100% use of Clean energy).

Energy efficiency
We constantly monitor the level of solar energy available, concentrating the most energy-intensive processing phases on sunny days, while we dedicate ourselves to manual processing on rainy days. For travel outside the company we use a plug-in Hybrid Vehicle which we obviously recharge with our photovoltaic system.