Polycarbonate (often abbreviated to PC) is one of the most widely used plastic materials and is mostly known under the trade names Lexan®, Makrolon®. Semi-finished products are produced only by extrusion. It can be divided into three product families: Flat (PC), Multiwall (PCA), and Raw (PCG).


Polycarbonate is similar to unbreakable glass, with respect to which however (with the same thickness) it weighs exactly half (specific weight 1.2 against 2.4 of glass). Another important feature is, that it is  self-extinguishing Class A fire. It has good resistance to atmospheric agents and aging. It is not suitable for contact with food, it is easily charged with electrostatic energy and scratches more easily than glass (except for the anti-scratch variant).


It is a versatile material and particularly easy to work with machine tools (cutting with circular saw, turning, drilling, CDC milling) but not suitable for laser cutting. Being very resistant to impact, it can also be worked with a jigsaw or in any case with non-specific equipment. It can be glued with the appropriate solvent-based glues. It bends both hot and cold, it is suitable for thermoforming, as well as for traditional or digital printing


Polycarbonate is a multipurpose material, used in many sectors including industry, construction, modern architecture, boating, electronics and lighting. Some examples are: accident prevention protections, lighting, construction (skylights, windows, roofs), noise barriers, technological components (carters and covers for machines), doors for electrical panels. Varieties protected against UV rays and in particular the multiwall, are widely used for outdoor applications.

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