The extruded tubes are more tensored and less transparent, even if in recent years they have improved a lot and the gap with the centrifuged has reduced. They are no longer ovalized, they no longer have any lines and have an anti -breaking treatment, so they lend themselves to simple processes. They are also more constant in the thickness and in the diameters than the centrifuged GS.

Range of XT Tubes


from 10/6 to 24/20 and from 50/40 to 60/54 2.500 mm
from 26/20 to 40/36 3.000 mm
from 60/56 to 300/292 2.050 mm


External: from 10 to 300 mm
Internal: from 6 to 292 mm


Standard: Trasparent, Clear

Because they are more cheapeer and thay have more constant thickness the extruded tubes are more used in industry to create details for machinery. However, they are also used in the sector of exhibitions, theatricals, scenography and furnishings in general.

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Our technicians and our workshop are at your complete disposal for the realization of customized details (exhibitors, objects etc.). Cutting, gluing, processing with machines for processing numerical control, polishing and relief in the oven.