Polyurethane elastomer EPU Round Rods

The Round Rods in Polyurethane Elastomer (EPU) are produced by casting in an open-cast sky mold. They are resistant to abrasion and cuts and can also be used in many particularly demanding applications; it can be made using Adiprene® or Vulkollan® or other polyurethanes as a starting compound, depending on the required characteristics.

Range of ROUND RODS in EPU


from Ø 5 to Ø 300 mm  (Back up to Ø 250 mm)


1.000 mm (from Ø 20 to Ø 140 mm)
500 mm (Over Ø 80mm)


from 30 to 94 Sh  

Natural (Orange), Yellow, Blue

Machined on a lathe for the production of wear-resistant parts such as doctor blades, gaskets, washers, springs, friction linings, sealing rings, anti-vibration bushes.

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