The Round Rods in PE300 are produced by extrusion while those in PE500 and PE1000 are pressed. They are easy to work with because they are very soft, but the low heat resistance must be taken into account to prevent the tools from mixing when heated. They are also used due to their low cost and low specific weight.

Range of RODS in PE300, PE500 e PE1000


form Ø 10 to Ø 500 mm  PE 300

fromØ 20 to Ø 250 mm  PE 1000


2.000 mm – 1.000 mm over Ø 200

Natural (White), Green, Black

PE rods are widely used in the food industry (oenology, bottling) for the production of mechanical parts such as gears, augers, wheels and bushings. The low friction coefficient and non-hydroscopicity make it suitable for bearings or other mechanical parts with low loads, even if they work in water.

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