PA6 sheets are produced either by extrusion or by casting (PA6G). Low thicknesses are available only in the 1,000 x 2,000 mm format, while over 80mm only available in the 620 x 2,000 mm format. The black color usually indicates a molybdenum disulphide add, the yellow color an oil add; the slightly more yellowish color is typical of PA6.6 and PA6G.

Range of SHEETS PA6, PA6G, PA6.6


Standard: 1.000 x 2.000 mm

on Request: 620 x 2.000 or 620 x 3.000 mm

Standard: from 1 to 60 mm

from 80 to 100 mm
only PA6.6 or PA6G (size 620 x 2.000)


Standard: Natural/White (PA6, PA6.6 and PA6G Natural)
                 Black (PA6 So.Mo. and PA6G So.Mo.)

 on Request: PA6 Black (pigment only)


Standard: PA6, PA6 So.mo, PA6G

on Request: PA6.6, PA6.6 So.mo , PA6G So.mo, PA6+GF30, PA6G+Oil

The PA6 sheets are used in Mechanical Industry to produce parts such as gears, wheels, guides, bushings and general drawings.

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