Our History

About Us

INDAT Plastics was founded in 1997 as a Division of INDAT Srl (founded in 1974) to better focus on the Plastic materials that, over the years, have become the main business.

In 2000, it was decided to support a workshop for the production of parts according to the customer’s design. After the purchase of the first panel saw for cutting to size, the space requirements imposed to expand the shed and create an area of 400sqm suitable for the real production with all the necessary machinery.

A collaboration with a foreign company began in 2014, for the production of special parts based on our specifications.

At the end of 2021, the Industry 4.0 renewal project started with the purchase of new innovative machineries that will greatly enhance our workshop and which will end with the implementation in 2023 of an eCommerce site for the sale of products of Our Project and Production.