GS Methacrylate is produced by casting between two glasses, this means that the sheets are mechanically much more stable because they are not very tensioned, with the fibers arranged in a reticular manner; this allows to create much more complex parts than extruded products because it’s more suitable for demanding processes such as laser cutting and gluing. On the other hand, however, they have higher tolerances on thickness. Compared to the Extruded, it is available in a very wide range of colors and finishes. Some types of sheets are particularly suitable for the use of LED lights.

Range of GS Sheets


Standard:3.040 x 2.040 mm
3.000 x 1.500 mm
on Request:4.050 x 1.500 mm


Standard:form 2 to 30 mm
on Request:2,5-12-18 mm
BLOCKS over 30 mm


Standard:Transparent, Mono and Bi-Satin
on Cain:Wide range of Transparent and Opaque Colors
on Request:

Fluorescent and Colored Satin Colors


For quantities, possibility of producing Sample Colors.

on Request : Structured Sheets and Embedded Sheets.


Having a wider range of colors and finishes, they have more application in the production of displays, furniture and furnishings in general. Displays, shop furnishings, interior furnishings, advertising, lighting, boating, luminous signs, machine protection, construction, windshields, decorative and gift items and items.

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