Automatic Beam Saw

Schelling FM-K330

Having started with an SCM machine (Sigma-65) born for wood, which over time has proved to be “heroic” but undersized for the “weight” of the work we did, we moved on to a new panel saw which, deriving from cutting aluminium, has a decidedly more robust structure from the outset. Structure apart, Schelling’s Plastic Materials division has developed a whole series of specific solutions for plastics that make this machine superior to anything on the market. Almost 20 years after its commissioning, it is still a machine in step with the times with technical solutions that have not yet been implemented by anyone.

Technical Features:
Cutting Size: 3.100 x 3.100 mm
Blade Diameter: 400/405 mm, Engraver: 200 mm
Blade protrusion: 100/105 mm
Maximum panel thickness: 80/100mm
Carriage forward speed: 0-60 Mt/min.
Motor power: Blade 19 Kw, Engraver 1.1 Kw
Positioning precision and straightness of the cut: +/- 0.1 mm