Mirrored Achrylic Sheets SP

Special sheets in extruded methacrylate undergo a metallization process by a paint that mirrors them exactly as is done with glass. Unlike glass, however, they weigh half and are much less dangerous in case of breakage. The sheets can be slightly curved but not hot bent because the metallized part is very rigid.

Range of Sheets SP


Standard:3.050 x 2.050 mm


Standard:from 1,5 to 15mm (the best buy is 3 mm)
on Request:from 2 to 8 mm


Standard:Silver, Gold
on Request:

Other colors (minimum quantity required)

Examples of applications:
Displays, road signs, cosmetics, shop furnishings, interior furnishings, advertising, lighting, decorative and gift items and items.

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Our technicians and our workshop are at your complete disposal for the realization of customized details (displays, objects, etc.). Pantograph or Laser processing.