3 Axis CNC Machining Center

Record 130

The CNC machining center is the heart of our workshop as it is the most versatile machine, being able to work almost all materials. To ensure maximum precision in machining, we have chosen a machine that mainly meets two characteristics: Rigidity of the structure and high computing power of the CNC. In order to have a better clamping of the pieces on the table and also to perform nesting operations, we have equipped the machine with a vacuum pump with almost three times the power of the standard one.
The 12-station tool change, the speed of movement of the axes and the possibility of working by pendulum, allow to have a strong hourly productivity and reduce costs. But the real strength lies in the flexibility and speed in the transition from one process to another, which allows us to be very fast and competitive in the realization of small batches.
Everything is managed by the NUM 1040-PC numerical control equipped with a PC, interfaced to the company network; this allows programming with CAD / CAM software and monitoring the processing phases remotely.

Technical Features:
Worktop dimensions: 3.080 x 1.200 mm
Axis strokes: 3.400 x 1.720 x 250mm
Axis movement speed: 40, 45, 30 m / min
Motor power: 7.5 Kw at 18,000 rpm
Automatic tool change: Nr. 12 stations
Vacuum pump: capacity 250 m3 / h