Polyurethane elastomer

Polyurethane Elastomers belong to the very broad family of compact polyurethanes (PUR). The polyurethanes, from which they derive, are synthetic materials or resins which are produced by the polyaddition reaction of a polyester or a polyether and a polyisocyanate; they can be foamy or solid, be hard, brittle, but also soft and elastic. Polyurethane Elastomers have an elastic and rubber-like behavior combined with excellent abrasion and tear resistance. The best known brands are Vulcollan® and Adiprene®. Depending on the application, it is possible to use a specific formulation and a different production technique: in fact, it is possible to enhance the qualities necessary for the specific use in the finished product.


Polyurethane Elastomer is a very versatile material that has extraordinary physical-mechanical properties: it is self-extinguishing, has high resistance to abrasion, cutting, tearing, does not absorb water. It can be used in temperatures ranging from -45 to +90 °C, has resistance to UV, ozone and climate. It has an excellent elastic memory; in fact, if subjected to stretching or compression, once the stress is over, it recovers its original dimensions in a short time.


It can be worked with various cutting techniques: the sheets with a cutter or better with water, profiling or die-cutting. Rounds, with suitable lubricant, can be turned.


The elastomeric polyurethane components are used in many sectors of industrial mechanics. The most common use is the coating of rollers and wheels but it is suitable for numerous other applications, especially through moulding.

Product Range


Products for open mold casting in various Shore hardnesses


Product by centrifugation of various Shore hardnesses


Products by casting in a drawing mold in various Shore hardness and colour