Phenolic resin

Semi-finished products in Phenolic Resin (commonly known by the Bakelite® brand), are laminates obtained with pure Cotton fabric (Cloth) or with pure cellulose paper (Paper) and thermosetting phenolic resins. After particular treatments, similar products are obtained but with slightly different characteristics and therefore suitable for different applications. With the Tela they produce sheets with different number of threads per cm2, from which the rods are obtained; while with paper only sheets.


Excellent mechanical resistance, excellent electrical insulation, good resistance to heat, impact and wear, good chemical resistance. It is insoluble in solvents, but undergoes strong acids and is photosensitive. Operating temperature: from -30C to +120C. Self-extinguishing Class HB according to Standard UL 94.


It is a very suitable material for making parts that have to withstand high mechanical stresses and high temperatures, when thermal and electrical resistance is required, when a very low coefficient of friction is required.


Given the good dielectric characteristics, Bakelite Paper is more suitable for electrical panels and switchboards: radio, telephony, electrical engineering, etc… Bakelite Cloth is used in the mechanical and electronic industries to make components such as sliding guides, rollers, bushings, spacers, bearing panels, bearings and gears.

Product Range


Round Rods obtained by turning Cloth sheets


Stratified sheets in Cloth or Paper