Our Values

Ethical code

Ethical Principles
INDAT conducts its business inspired by the principles of Correctness, Transparency, Legality and Clarity. All company activities are carried out with the utmost scrupulousness, honesty, loyalty and professional commitment, in compliance with laws, procedures, company regulations and in compliance with all those with whom we work (Customers, Suppliers, Collaborators, Colleagues and also Competitors)

We are all equal

At INDAT there are no differences of race, sex, religion, age, culture or anything else; the only distinction is made between those who want to work and those who don’t; the former will find a dynamic environment where they can express their potential, the latter the exit door.

A close-knit Team

We are all, regardless of the position held, Workers. Everyone has their role and each role is equally important in order to be a winning and close-knit team. There is obviously a boss who decides and organizes the tasks but everyone is then responsible for their own work that he can manage independently.

The Family always comes First
In addition to being Workers, we are also Fathers, Mothers and / or Life Companions of someone. The needs of the family and especially that of the children will always be put in the first place; INDAT will never be refused a permit request for family needs and everyone will undertake to support the needs of a colleague in difficulty.