Laser CNC machining

Cutting and Engraving

Thanks to the 850w power of the laser source we are able to cut methacrylate with various levels of finish up to 40mm thick. By regulating the power and frequency of the source we can precisely engrave surfaces. The capacitive head can also use three types of gas (CO2, Oxygen and Nitrogen) so as to be able to cut different types of materials, in addition to Methacrylate: Wood, Fabrics, Iron and Steel.


Rasterization is the work of converting a two-dimensional image described by vectors (in vector graphics), into a raster or bitmap image, i.e. made up of pixels. Through this process the laser head behaves like a traditional printer, engraving images formed by a set of dots. The union of the three technologies (Cut, Engraving and Rasterization) leads to the creation of very complex and well-defined details.


Backlight is a laser engraving technology on methacrylate based on an algorithm which, depending on the shape and size of the luminous panels to be created, optimizes the engraving to guarantee perfect luminous uniformity. This allows you to create luminous signs with a minimum thickness (unthinkable with traditional backlighting) and to create imaginative plays of light.

Die-cutting with marks for direct printing

The telecamenta installed on the head of the machine allows you to read the marks of the digital printing in order to interface perfectly with the work of the typography and cut the various printed shapes with extreme precision.

Our Machine Park

Our pool of stains is made up of the brand new CutLite Penta LT3020, a Multi-purpose machine equipped with a 850W CO2 Laser source with Head with Capacitive sensor for the use of Air, Nitrogen and Oxygen; soon we will therefore be able to cut even Iron and Steel in low thicknesses.

Workable Materials:

Plastic materials: GS methacrylate, XT methacrylate, (PET-G, Polystyrene, SAN)
Ferrous Materials: Iron (up to 6mm) and Steel (up to 3mm) … Work in Progress …
Other Materials: Wood, Fabrics