Laser Cut 

CutLite Penta LT3020

The System has an 850W CO2 Laser source and a cutting head with capacitive sensor for the use of Air, Nitrogen and Oxygen that allows us to cut not only Methacrylate, but also Wood and especially low thicknesses of ferrous materials (Iron and Steel). The large format of the work surface allows you to load whole sheets of 3,050 x 2,050 mm, optimizing waste and allowing the creation of very large particles.
The machine is also equipped with a vision system for recognition of marks that allows it to align with precision to cut a screen printed with digital printing. Everything is managed by Windows 10 computers and modern drawing software, interfaced with the company network allowing the exchange of data according to Industry 4.0 standards.


Technical Features:
Source Power: 850W
Gases used: Air, Nitrogen and Oxygen
Worktop dimensions: 3.050 x 2.050 mm
Axis strokes: X 3.050, Y 2.030, Z 80 mm
Mechanical Accuracy (VDI 3441): mm / mm 0.0015 / 60 (0.038 / 1500)
Total System Weight: 10,000 kg