CUT with Circular Saw

Custom Cut Service

In the production of a Drawing Detail you go through processing phases, usually you start by cutting the commercial slabs into smaller formats which are then passed on to other machines. In addition to the sale of slabs in commercial format to INDAT, we offer customers a rapid cut-to-size service. Our automatic panel saw is, due to its structure and engine power, able to cut without problems very thick slabs (up to 100 mm) of even very hard materials, where the classic adapted wood machine goes into crisis.

Optimization of Cutting Patterns

Thanks to the use of Perfect Cut (one of the best software that deals with cutting optimization), we are able to reduce the use of raw material and the processing time; its cutting path optimization algorithm, based on the most recent operational research techniques, allows very minimal machine usage times. The potential reduction in the number of slabs used, through the perfect fit of the cut pieces, can produce truly considerable savings, especially on very expensive materials.

Our Machine Park

Our fleet consists of an Automatic Panel Saw: a robust Schelling FM-K330, one of the few machines specifically built for cutting in the Plastic Materials sector.
To cut with an inclined blade or make oblique cuts, we have a small SMC Si150n with which we can also cut strips over 3,100mm