Diamond cutter Polisher

PlastEngineering Diamond Cutter

The diamond cutting machine is a machine that is used to polish the edge of the slabs or the heads of the round or square bars (PMMA, PC, PETG) using a special natural diamond tool to achieve perfect polishing and brilliance. Despite its small size (about 1m cube), it is very productive thanks to its performance, in fact it is possible, based on the type of material and thickness, to set different speeds. Thanks to two driving rollers, which move the material to be polished, there are no limits in terms of length and size.
Its structure has been designed to avoid any type of vibration, in order to obtain the best polishing result, the clamping of the material through a pneumatic system allows a good stability of the piece during the whole process.

Technical features:
Polishable width: 80 mm
Diamonds: Nr.2 Natural, Nr.1 Synthetic
Optional installed: Front and Side Extension