Plastics Pneumatic

INDAT Plastics : Plastic Materials – Trade and Production

INDAT Pneumatic : Components for Pneumatic Automation


A STORY spanning . . .

INDAT S.r.l. was founded in 1974 in Milan by Dr. Guido Invernizzi, starting with the marketing of pneumatic automation components for compressed air. Subsequently, the sale of plastic materials for industry was introduced and the headquarters were moved to Trezzano sul Naviglio, in a modern industrial building.

. . . 50 years of activity

In 1995, with the entry into the company of the second entrepreneurial generation (Dr. Raoul Invernizzi), the modernization process began which in 1997 led to the creation of two divisions: INDAT Plastics (Plastic Materials) and INDAT Pneumatic (Compressed Air)

INDAT Plastics e INDAT Pneumatic

INDAT Plastics

INDAT Plastic is the division of INDAT Srl which deals with the Trade of Plastic Materials and the Produzione di Production of Customized Parts.
The fields of application are many and they vary from the construction of machinery, to construction, to the chemical and food industry, to furniture etc.

INDAT Pneumatic

INDAT Pneumatic is the division of INDAT Srl which deals with Components for Pneumatic Automation for Compressed Air..
The Production Fields changes from Fittings, Ball Valves, Mechanical Valves, Gaskets, Couplings etc.