PMMA, also called Acrylic, is commonly identified with its most famous brand: Plexiglass®, other well-known brands are: Perpex®, Setacryl®, Acritide®, Vitroflex® and Perclax®). Depending on the method by which it is produced, it is divided into two types: Extruded (XT), produced by extrusion and Cast (GS), produced by casting between glass sheets or centrifuged (for some tubes). 


Excellent aesthetic qualities given by its transparency (seen in the thickness it is similar to crystal), its colorability (color chart of the GS is very wide), flatness (in particular XT) and optical purity (greater light passage than glass). Its lightness (specific weight 1.2) makes it suitable for replacing glass (specific weight 2.4) where lightness is an important variable; it also has excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and aging. Being food, it can be used in applications where contact with food is required. Fair resistance to impact and, in case of breakage, it does not produce particularly dangerous splinters. In contact with fire, however, it burns and is not self-extinguishing; it is easily charged with electrostatic energy and scratches more easily than glass.


The material is a particularly easy to work with machine tools (cutting with circular saw, turning, drilling, milling with cdc) and is also suitable for laser cutting. With the appropriate equipment, it can be perfectly polished and glued . It can be bended with heat and is suitable for thermoforming, as well as for traditional or digital printing.


The Polymethylmethacrylate is a very polyvalent material; it’s used in many sectors including construction, modern architecture, boating, lighting and industry. Some examples are: displays, advertising and decorations, shop furnishings, lighting, machinery protection, construction (skylights, windows, roofs), noise barriers, technological components (carters and covers for machines).

Products Range


Rods manufactured by sheet
Square Rods manufactured by sheet
Half Rounds and Hexagonal Rods


Extruded XT
Cast GS
Mirrored SP


Estruded XT
Centrifuged GS