Incandescent wire folding machine

Codema MiltiBI 2G

The Multibi 2000 2G Bilateral heater is made up of 2 upper and lower separable heater groups; it was designed and built to heat plastic materials such as PMMA, PC, PS; and others, to be able to bend them without streaks and burns inside and outside the material. The machine has the undisputed advantage of having the irradiation area well delimited, this allows the execution of radius bends and the control of the radius measurement, in addition to using wire resistances which deliver homogeneous and linear heating.
Compared to the Quartz lamp heater, it allows more precise folds with a narrower radius. It can also be disassembled and transformed into a quadruple single-sided heater. On the other hand, it can bend lower thicknesses and is slower in heating.

Technical features:
Number of wires: 4 (2 below + 2 above or 4 below)
Maximum fold width: 2,000 mm
Opening Heaters: from 5 to 40 mm
Maximum fold thickness: 8/10 mm
External Cooling Chiller Unit