The centrifuged (Cast) tubes have a precise external diameter but the internal one is less precise than the extruded tubes. They are mechanically more stable and lend themselves to being worked by lathe and with stressful processes such as gluing. They can more easily be produced in small quantities and can be aveable colored.

Range of GS Tubes


Standard: 2.030 mm


External: from 45 to 500 mm


Wall:  from 3 to 15 mm


Standard: Trasparent
on Request: Colors

Being the centrifuged tubes more easly worked, they have greater applications. In fact, they can be used to create mechanical details with design as tanks. The possibility of having them in different colors make them suitable for the creation of exhibitions, theatricals, scenography in general and in lighting.

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Our technicians and our workshop are at your complete disposal for the realization of customized details (exhibitors, objects etc.). Cutting, gluing, processing with machines for processing numerical control, polishing and relief in the oven.