The polyurethane elastomer sheets are produced in a centrifuge, this allows to obtain uniform surfaces with a constant thickness. They are resistant to abrasion and cuts and can also be used in many. For particularly heavy-duty applications, it can be made using Adiprene® or Vulkollan® or other polyurethanes as a starting compound, depending on the required characteristics.

Range of  EPU SHEETS


500x500mm, 3.050 x 520mm, 3.660 x 520mm e 3.000 x 1.000mm


from 5 to 60 mm (500×500 mm)

from 1 to 12 mm (Big Sizes)


from 30 to 94 Sh  


Natural (Orange), Yellow, Blue

From the slabs strips, profiles and design details are obtained with various cutting techniques (milling or water), profiling or die-cutting.

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Our technicians at our Workshop are at your complete disposal for the realization of Design Details (Rings, Discs, Pads …. etc.).