Circular Saw

SCM Si150n

We have always added a small manual circular saw to the automatic panel saw, we did so essentially for two reasons: Flexibility and Versatility. Always working with tight delivery times, it becomes essential to be able to make up for machine downtime due to breakdown or maintenance, as well as to make a small cut “on the fly” when the automatic machine is busy cutting pallets of goods.
A hand saw can make cuts that an automatic one cannot; in fact, there is the possibility of making cuts with the blade inclined (up to 45°), of making oblique cuts or of sliding cuts over 3,200 mm (therefore, for example, cutting sheets of honeycomb polycarbonate also for the 6,100 mm side).
With this machine it is also possible to cut, by rotating them, pipes of large diameters (500mm or more) or solid rounds with diameters up to 90/180 mm

Technical features:
Cutting length Guide: 900 x 1,270 mm
Squaring capacity 1.660 mm
size max. saw blade 300mm
Blade protrusion: 90 mm (70mm 45°)
Motor power: Blade 4 Kw