Folding, Gluing and Polishing


CNC Machinery can’t do everything, so our workshop is equipped for the typical Made in Italy craftsmanship.


We can bend Methacrylate, Polycarbonate, PVC, PET and Polystyrene using Hot Bending Machines. We are equipped with bending machines with Quartz lamps for high thicknesses with lengths up to 1.25 m and wire bending machines for low thicknesses and lengths up to 2 m. We also have Template Benches for bends at 90° or with adjustable gradation where the pieces can cool down and keep the given shape.


We create fast industrial gluing with solvent-based glues on methacrylate, polycarbonate and PVC. For methacrylate we are equipped for professional gluing using two-component glues or glues activated by a UV lamp. Gluing technique by preparing the pieces with a trimming machine and 88° cutters or with 46° and 88° cutters, to create high quality boxes and showcases for fairs and museums.


If laser cut, the details in methacrylate already come with a glossy finish; but if laser cutting is not possible, polishing must be done in another way; there are various polishing techniques: The glossy finish can be achieved with Diamond Cutters mounted on machining centres, trimming machines or with a specific machine called diamond cutting machine. However, the most traditional method for polishing remains that of fine sanding and then Brushes impregnated with abrasive paste. The Flame polisher, on the other hand, can polish those points where neither the cutter nor the brushes can reach.

Our Equipments