PVC-E (FOAM) has similar technical characteristics to Rigid PVC, but is much lighter. The PVC-E sheets can be printed directly on the surface, are fairly resistant to impact and have good resistance to chemical agents The Sandwich Sheets are made up of two sheets of expanded PVC coupled inside with an extruded polystyrene core. These panels are very light even in the highest thicknesses but at the same time rigid; they are perfectly printable on both sides.

Range of PVC-E Foam Sheets


Standard:       3.050 x 2.050mm and 3.050 x 1.560mm

on Request:   3.050 x 1.220 mm


Standard:        from 1 to 10mm

                           (Colors only  3-5-6mm thickness

on  Request:  13, 17, 19 and 24 mm


Standard:      White

a Request:     Black, Blue, Grey, Green, Yellow, Red

Range of PVC-E Sandwich Sheets


Standard:         3.050 x 2.030 mm

on Request:       other sizes


Standard:            10 – 15 – 19 mm

Standard:          White

Ideal for interior, exterior and industrial construction applications; they are used in furnishing, window dressing, trade fair installations and to make exhibitors; but the main application is in the sector of digital graphic printing for advertising panels.

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