Tracer 100

Coming on 06-2023

5 Axis Machining Center specific for the processing of plastics and advanced materials, equipped with technical solutions dedicated to the world of technical articles and low-drawing thermoformed items. The machine was equipped with an electrospindle powered at 13.5 kw at 24,000 rpm; a powerful 250 m3/h vacuum pump for clamping pieces and provision for a second pump to reach 500 m3/h. Arrangement for Hiteco heads such as Cutter for cutting spongy and honeycomb materials. Machine fully connected with the company system for Industry 4.0. 

Technical features:
Useful working area: 3.115 x 1.680 mm
Piece passage in Z: 250mm
X-Y axis movement speed: 56 m/min
Engine power: 13.5 kW at 24,000 rpm
Double automatic tool changer: Nr. 14 + 14 stations
Vacuum pump: flow rate 250 m3/h (prepared for a second one)