The world of tubes and tubes is very vast and ranges in very different sectors. INDAT Pneumatic can supply from the classic tubes for pneumatic automation (PA6, PA12, Rilsan), to those for the food / chemical sector (PTFE and Silicone), to those for water (Screened PVC) or for high pressure fittings (Braided tubes stainless steel).

Polyamide, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Fluoropolymer, Silicone, PVC, Copper

Pneumatic automation, Food, Chemical, High temperatures.



PA12 long Life, also in the self-extinguishing and antistatic version
Rilsan PA11, Tubes, Spirals and Sheathed Multitube.
Nylon 6, Nylon P10, PA6.6, P.10

Polyurethane PU 
Polyurethane 98 -40/+60C, 8-22 bar.
Elastollan C98 -40/+60C, 8-22 bar
PU 1190 Extraflex. -40/+60C, 7-17 bars.

Polyethylene PE
Low Density (PELD) Tube and multi-tube -10/+60C, 5-21 bar.
High Density (PEHD) -20/+70C, 15-38 bar.

PTFE tube -60/+260C, 5-25 bar. See our Division: INDAT Plastic
PVDF tube -40/+100C, 21-77 bar.
PFA linear tubes -60/+260C, 8-30bar, FEP linear tubes -40/-200C, 8-30bar


For high temperatures
Food, Hospital -60/+200C, 8-30bar.


Crystal tube
Wired tube with canvas knit.

Copper tube for Ogive fittings.
Also covered

Tubes with stainless steel braid
Smooth / corrugated Teflon or rubber hose with stainless steel or carbon braid; also connected with stainless steel couplings.

Rubber and PVC hoses for low, medium and high pressure
Spiral hoses for suction, Harmorvin food hoses.