PLASTIC Fittings

In addition to the classic OT58 brass, there is a range of fittings made of a technopolymer belonging to the family of acetyl resins (POM), which are characterized by dimensional stability, stiffness, resistance to fatigue and corrosion. These fittings are lighter in weight, suitable for food use and do not conduct electricity.

The Standard material we deal with is Acetal Resin (POM-C); on request we can supply fittings and valves in PVC, PP and PVDF.

Pneumatic, Hydraulic automation and passage of various liquids.
PVC, PP and PVDF: Transfer of Chemical Agents, Fertilizers, Food and Beverage, plant engineering.



Fittings in POM with automatic coupling
Straights, Elbows (Fixed and Revolving), Tees (Fixed and Revolving), Crosses, Sheet Passes, Adjustable Rings.
Gripping pliers: Stainless steel
Pre-Teflon-Coated Conical Threads, Cylindrical with Seal OR from 5M to 3/8″
Recommended tube: Rilsan – Nylon 6 – Elastolan from De 4 to 10mm

Temperatures: min -20° C – max +70° C
Max working pressure: from 0.5 to 12 bar

Vacuum tightness: 750 mm Hg
Threads: Gas Conical (UNI-ISO 7/1), Gas Cylindrical (UNI-ISO 228/1)



On Request:

PVC Fittings Threaded or glued.
PVC fittings and pipes to be buried.

PP Fittings Threaded or Weld.

PVDF Fittings Solder.