The Manual Valves are those activated directly by an operator, while the mechanical ones are activated when certain conditions occur (end of stroke, opening of a door, etc.). There are various types, depending on the size, air flow and obviously the type of actuation (button, lever, pedal switch, etc.)

Aluminum body; Control and bottom in technopolymer; Aluminum spool; NBR gaskets; Stainless steel springs; Internal parts in OT 58 brass

Pneumatic automation and plant construction in general.


Mini valves 3/2 NO, NC – 2/2 NC – 5/2 – 5/3 with M5 threaded connections and for Ø4 pipe. Mechanical and Manual Drives.

MECHANICAL control valves
Spool valves 3/2 – 5/2. Normal or servo driven. 1/8″ gas threads.

MANUALLY operated valves
3/2 – 5/2 valves with activation: lever, puller and with connection for panel actuator. 1/8″ and 1/4″ gas threads.

PEDAL valves
5/2 spool valves usable as 3/2 or 2/2. 1/4″ threads with or without protection. Monostable and Bistable.


Attuatori da Pannello
Protected button – Mushroom Ø40 and Ø60 – Selector with short, long and key lever.


Elementi LOGICI ed Elementi INTEGRATI
OR – AND – NOT – YES – Memory.
Progressive starter, Oscillator, Flip Flop valve, Two pressure valve, Bimanual safety device, Pulse generator, Power timer.