The Silencer is an accessory in which INDAT Pneumatic has always been highly specialized through collaboration with manufacturing companies. Filters and Silencers are used in many sectors (in addition to Pneumatic Automation), where it is necessary to filter a fluid (liquid or gas) that is compatible with the materials used.

The Filter can be in Sintered Bronze, Stainless Steel Mesh, Resins, Felt and porous Polythene.
The Base Copper Steel, OT58 Brass, AISI-316 Steel or all in Plastic.

Obviously in Pneumatic Automation, but also in the food, construction, agricultural, oenological, automotive, drying, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical fields.


Sintered Bronze
Coppered Steel, Brass Base or Integral.
Normal, Hex Head or Screwdriver Cut. Standard Height, Log, Pastille. Thread from M5 to 1”, NPT on request

Wire Stainless Steel
Brass Base; Male and female thread. Thread from M5 to 1”
AISI-316 steel Base. Thread from M5 to 2”
Also in NPT thread

Dynamic self-cleaning in Nylon 6 with granules.
Static in Nylon 6 with sintered polythene cartridge
Thread from 1/8” to 1”

Valvole Adjustable Silencertic Valves
Brass or nickel-plated steel Base.
Regulator body in sintered spherical bronze.
1/8” to 1/2” thread


Filters and Bushings
In Sintered Bronze; Bushings, Plugged Bushings, Plates, Discs and Washers.
In stainless steel wire; Discs, bushings, domes.
In porous polythene; Discs, Plates, Cylinders.


You can find part of our range of silencers and filters
in the Nickel-plated Brass Fittings Catalogue