Cast Iron Fittings

CAST IRON Fittings Malleable cast iron fittings are the most commonly used pipe fittings and are highly valued due to their durability and mechanical strength. Cast iron withstands high mechanical stresses and in combination with standard joining methods can be used in various applications. MATERIALS:White heart malleable cast iron, Hot dip galvanizing in a zinc […]

Contacts Pneumatic

CONTACT US Do you need informations ? Fill out the contact form, or contact us by email or by phone. Where we are INDAT Plastics Div. della INDAT S.r.l. a socio unico Via Pietro Verri, 9 I-20090 Trezzano S/N (MI) ITALY CALL US Contattaci telefonicamente o invia un fax ai seguenti numeri: Tel. +39- Fax. […]


Silencers The Silencer is an accessory in which INDAT Pneumatic has always been highly specialized through collaboration with manufacturing companies. Filters and Silencers are used in many sectors (in addition to Pneumatic Automation), where it is necessary to filter a fluid (liquid or gas) that is compatible with the materials used. MATERIALS:The Filter can be […]

Tubing for Air Compressed

TUBING e Frexible TUBES The world of tubes and tubes is very vast and ranges in very different sectors. INDAT Pneumatic can supply from the classic tubes for pneumatic automation (PA6, PA12, Rilsan), to those for the food / chemical sector (PTFE and Silicone), to those for water (Screened PVC) or for high pressure fittings […]

Plastic Fittings

PLASTIC Fittings In addition to the classic OT58 brass, there is a range of fittings made of a technopolymer belonging to the family of acetyl resins (POM), which are characterized by dimensional stability, stiffness, resistance to fatigue and corrosion. These fittings are lighter in weight, suitable for food use and do not conduct electricity. MATERIALS:The […]

Ball Valves and Gate Valves

Ball Valves and Gate Valves At INDAT Pneumatic you can find a wide range of valves of various types. We specialize in components for compressed air, but the valves we sell can also be used for the passage of other gases and liquids. MATERIALS:The standard material we deal with is OT58 brass but on request […]

Mechanical and Manual Valves

Mechanic and Manual Valves The Manual Valves are those activated directly by an operator, while the mechanical ones are activated when certain conditions occur (end of stroke, opening of a door, etc.). There are various types, depending on the size, air flow and obviously the type of actuation (button, lever, pedal switch, etc.) MATERIALS:Aluminum body; […]

Fittings and Accessories

FITTINGS and Accessories Compressed Air Fittings are historically the product in which INDAT Pneumatic is most specialized. With us you can in fact find a wide range of fittings and accessories for the passage of compressed air, and also for water or other fluids and gases. MATERIALS:The Standard material we deal with is OT58 Brass […]

Brass Fittings

Nickel-Plated Brass Fittings OT58 The OT58 Nickel Plated Brass Fittings is the product where our division is most specialized. Through collaboration with small turneries and important manufacturers, we can offer a wide range of fittings and accessories for the passage of compressed air. MATERIALS:OT58 Nickel-Plated Brass. On request, some items can also be supplied raw, […]

Rapid Couplings

Rapid Couplings At INDAT Pneumatic you can find a wide range of various types of couplings: from the Italian Standard ones, to the Mignon; to universal bodies, suitable for couplings of various standards. In addition, attachments and needle taps. MATERIALI:Corpo in alluminio; Comando e fondello in tecnopolimero; Spola in alluminio; Guarnizioni in NBR; Molle in […]