Codema LuxFlam

Flame Polisher Codema Lux Flam 1600 Lux Flam 1600 flame polisher completes the methacrylate polishing equipment; in fact, it allows you to polish quarries and points where the abrasive brush, the laser, or diamond cutters can reach. Technical features:Max power: 1000WProduction of 160 liters. gas/hour mmWeight: 45Kg

Toupie Desk

Precision trimming machine (Toupie) PlastEngineering Refil-Plex The Refil-Plex is a machine commonly used to trim excess material (after being glued), chamfer, radius and shape the edge of the slabs. In recent years, this machinery has evolved with the advent of diamond cutters that can also be adapted to manual push operations, in fact, although the […]

Diamond cutter

Diamond cutter Polisher PlastEngineering Diamond Cutter The diamond cutting machine is a machine that is used to polish the edge of the slabs or the heads of the round or square bars (PMMA, PC, PETG) using a special natural diamond tool to achieve perfect polishing and brilliance. Despite its small size (about 1m cube), it […]

Quarz Folding Machine

Quarz Folding Machine PlastEngineering Heater The heater is a machine that is used to heat a well-defined part of the material which will later be positioned in a template where, as it cools, it will maintain the desired fold. One or more quartz lamps allow for homogeneous diffusion of heat over the entire area concerned, in […]

SCM Si150n

Circular Saw SCM Si150n We have always added a small manual circular saw to the automatic panel saw, we did so essentially for two reasons: Flexibility and Versatility. Always working with tight delivery times, it becomes essential to be able to make up for machine downtime due to breakdown or maintenance, as well as to […]

Codema Multibi

Incandescent wire folding machine Codema MiltiBI 2G The Multibi 2000 2G Bilateral heater is made up of 2 upper and lower separable heater groups; it was designed and built to heat plastic materials such as PMMA, PC, PS; and others, to be able to bend them without streaks and burns inside and outside the material. […]

UV Gluing Desk

Desk for UV ray Gluing DeskGlueTech EasyUV 280 DGT TABLE is a highly technical professional table equipped with a special surface that does not scratch the methacrylate produced with a material totally resistant to the most aggressive glues and solvents. It mounts a UV photocatalyst unit for PMMA with emitter with 2 UV lamps, timer, hour-counter and […]

Dima Table

Dima Table for folds PlastEngineering Dima Table The Dima Table is an accessory that is used after treating the material on the heaters to give the desired shape during cooling.The accessory features a tilting shoulder to adjust the bending angle. Technical features:Fold Width: 2,000 mmFixed Shoulders: No. 3Tiltable shoulder: Nr. 1

Bakelite Rods

Phenolic Resin RODS (Bakelite®) FEATURES:The Round Rods in Bakelite are produced only in Cloth (in the 40 Threads/Cm2 version), obtaining them from the sheets by turning. They retain the same technical characteristics of the original Bakelite Cloth Sheets. Range of Phenolic Resin RODS DIAMETERS Standard:            from Ø 6 to Ø 120 mm   on Request:         over […]

CNC Machining Center

3 Axis CNC Machining Center SCM Record 130 The CNC machining center is the heart of our workshop as it is the most versatile machine, being able to work almost all materials. To ensure maximum precision in machining, we have chosen a machine that mainly meets two characteristics: Rigidity of the structure and high computing […]