Folding, Gluing and Polishing

Folding, Gluing and Polishing Craftsmanship:CNC Machinery can’t do everything, so our workshop is equipped for the typical Made in Italy craftsmanship. Fold We can bend Methacrylate, Polycarbonate, PVC, PET and Polystyrene using Hot Bending Machines. We are equipped with bending machines with Quartz lamps for high thicknesses with lengths up to 1.25 m and wire […]

Laser CUT

Laser CNC machining Cutting and Engraving Thanks to the 850w power of the laser source we are able to cut methacrylate with various levels of finish up to 40mm thick. By regulating the power and frequency of the source we can precisely engrave surfaces. The capacitive head can also use three types of gas (CO2, […]

CNC milling

CNC Milling with 3 and 5 axis CNC Machining Service 3 (and 5 Axes ) Thanks to our modern CNC machine tools, we are able to produce precision parts that adapt to the needs of different projects. Depending on the needs, our 3 and 5 axis Machining Centers allow us to obtain drawing details with […]

CUT Circular Saw

CUT with Circular Saw Custom Cut Service In the production of a Drawing Detail you go through processing phases, usually you start by cutting the commercial slabs into smaller formats which are then passed on to other machines. In addition to the sale of slabs in commercial format to INDAT, we offer customers a rapid […]


What we can do for you Workings Our well-equipped and modern workshop is available to customers for the creation of customized parts through the following processes: CUT with Circular Saw Discover More CNC MILLING 3 and 5 Axis Discover More LASER processing Discover More Folding, Gluing and Polishing Discover More


Particolari di nostra creazione The Production Examples of Objects of our Production that you can find for sale in the SHOP: Details for the World of Enogastronomy Details for the World of Enogastronomy Exhibitors for shop windows Go to the SHOP Range of Products for Specific Sectors : Racks, Stands and Accessories for the world […]


Craftsmanship Equipment Folding and Gluing Department: Quarz Folding MachinePlast Engeenering Click Here Incandescent Wire Folding MachineCodema MiltiBi Click Here Dima Table for FoldsPlast Engeenering Click Here Desk for UV Ray GluingDeskGlueTech Click Here Polishing and Milling Department: Diamond cutter Plast Engeenering Click Here Toupee DeskPlast Engeenering Click Here Flame PolisherCodema Click Here Brush with cloths Click […]


Stay tuned on our news News December 2021Our workshop is enriched with an important machine: in fact, the CutLite Penta LT3020 is installed, a very modern laser cutting system. September 2022Installation of a template bench for Plast Engineering bending.. October 2022Publication of the New Website, much more extensive and full of information than the previous […]


Technology  Machinery Fleet Cutting Department: Automatic Beam SawsSchelling FMK Click Here Circular SawSCM Si150n Click Here CNC Processing Department: 3 Axis CNC Machining CenterSCM Record 130 Click Here 5 Axis CNC Machining Center CMS Tracer 100 Click Here   Taglio Laser  CutLite Penta LT3020  Click Here Visit our workshop and its EQUIPMENT

CMS Tracer 100

5 AXIS CNC MACHINING CENTER  CMS Tracer 100 Coming on 06-2023 5 Axis Machining Center specific for the processing of plastics and advanced materials, equipped with technical solutions dedicated to the world of technical articles and low-drawing thermoformed items. The machine was equipped with an electrospindle powered at 13.5 kw at 24,000 rpm; a powerful […]