The INDAT Srl, founded in 1974 by dr. Guido Invernizzi is now the second generation of entrepreneurs with the entry in the company in 1995 the son of the owner Dr. Raoul Invernizzi. Divided in 2000 into two divisions: INDAT Plastics – semi-finished products Plastics and INDAT Pneumatic – Components for Automation for compressed air Pneumatic; the company acquired in the 40 years of extensive experience in both areas. The increase in turnover has allowed to develop their own marketing plan so you can always follow the best the needs of customers.

The INDAT srl He was born in Milan, but in a short time the increase in production and the need to find an appropriate site prompted the leaders of the company to find Trezzano S / N a modern and efficient facility where expand the production aspect and improve the whole ‘ technical apparatus to be able to impress the momentum that the market demanded.

Starting from the headquarters of Trezzano S/N, sellers of INDAT srl follow directly all Interland Milanese, ranging in Pavia and Varese province. The office is served all other customers located in Lombardy, in Italy and in fourteen foreign countries.